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Everyone wants that soft, natural-glowing, and flawless-looking skin, no matter who you are and what your hobbies are. Ladies who love spending time at home over their new Lori Holt fabric kit, as well as those who prefer exploring the outdoors, are interested to know about the hot Korean beauty trend called ‘glass skin.’

It’s the result of having a smooth and flawless complexion that’s hydrated or plump. Although the traditional way of achieving a ‘glass skin’ is through a 10-step skincare routine, not everyone has the time or patience to do this daily.

Luckily, you can get glass skin in just three easy steps, allowing you to make your skin flawless minus the time-consuming effort.


To achieve the perfect ‘glass skin,’ you need to exfoliate your face once or twice a week to remove dirt, grime, and dead skin cell buildup from your face. Exfoliating also helps open your pores, making it easier for you to clean everything off. It’s best to use exfoliants(mask scrubs with exfoliating beads) than chemical ones to avoid skin irritation.

When choosing scrub masks, go for ones prepared with natural ingredients to get the best results, and you can get these online, at the supermarket, or create your own at home. Never exfoliate your skin more than thrice a week as it can make your skin extremely dry.

Toner and Essence

Exfoliating your skin can make it dry and rough. That’s why you need a toner and essence to restore the lost moisture and hydration in your skin. You can use the toner first by patting it on your skin and letting it dry to make it fully hydrated. The number of layers you apply will depend on how dry your skin is.

Next is applying essence, which is often the most neglected item in getting glass skin naturally. However, this item can help hydrate your skin even more while fighting against several skin issues, including wrinkles, fine lines, and spots.

Combining the toner and essence will result in a super plump, hydrated, and glowing skin, making you one step closer to achieving the perfect glass skin.


The traditional Korean glass skin routine revolves around the concept of moisturization, so it makes sense to add it to this shorter version. If you want to achieve that natural, radiant glow and visible plumpness on your face, skipping this step will place all your effort to waste. That’s because the moisturizer is responsible for fighting against dry and patchy skin issues, treating these problems over time.

When it comes to moisturizers, time matters as they provide different results depending on the time of use. That’s why it’s best to establish a schedule when you can perform this skincare routine. However, if you’re looking for a versatile moisturizer, it’s best to go for a lightweight moisturizer for your face as you can use it whenever.

Finish off your routine by applying eye cream below your eyes to remove any dark circles and applying sunblock to your face to protect your hard work from the harsh UV rays from the sun.

By following these three easy-to-do and straightforward steps and making skincare an essential part of your daily routine, you’ll achieve the perfect glass skin in no time.