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NERF Super Soaker Water Guns
I remember when the Nerf Super Soaker first came out back in 1990 (ish?). It was the most awesome water squirt gun known to exist. The pump action worked great and the craftsmanship was excellent! We were not bubble-wrapped kids back then – we knew how to play and the Super Soaker took a beating — and kept on working. I wish I had my original Super Soaker, I bet it would still work today!

Super Soaker Water Guns

Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster

Top of the line, this water gun is waiting for you to take the tactical advantage to the yard, sneak up on your enemy and fire away! Soaking your enemy from head to toe has never been easier. This NERF super soaker is on sale now!

NERF Switch Shot Super Soaker Water Gun

  • Holds up to 20 ounces of water
  • Fires water up to 25 feet
  • Carry extra banana clips (sold separately) for extra ammo
  • Detachable stock
  • Blaster comes with detachable stock and banana clip

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Nerf Super Soaker Tidal Tube Blaster 2-Pack

Double the action, double the fun! This two pack of Super Soakers Tube Blasters work amazing. Load it up and squirt away! If you’re looking for two water guns and can’t decide, this two pack is perfect – and there’s no fighting over who gets which super soaker – they’re both the same!

NERF Tidal Tube Super Soaker Water Gun

  • Tidal Tube water blasters let you soak your target
  • Pull back the slide and soak
  • Blast from up to 23 feet away
  • Holds 10 ounces of water
  • Pack includes 2 blasters

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Super Soaker Thunderstorm

This NERF Super Soaker is motorized to help you soak your battle partners in no time flat! Pull the trigger and let the motor do the work! You’ll soon be ruling the backyard with this Super Soaker water gun!

NERF Super Soaker Thunderstorm

  • Soak your opponents in an instant with this motorized Thunderstorm water blaster
  • Fully automatic for maximum speed, this blaster lets you just pull the trigger to begin the drenching action
  • Fill your water clip, attach it to your blaster and begin sending soaking streams up to 25 feet away
  • Motorized, fully automatic water blaster delivers a soaking stream up to 25 feet away
  • No pumping needed – just pull the trigger and blast away

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NERF Super Soaker Water Guns

Today’s craftsmanship is no different than it was when Super Soakers first came out. The Nerf Super Soakers are just has durable and well made as the first one – and I had the first one and have had so many more over the years. You can’t go wrong with a Super Soaker water gun! Your kids are guaranteed to love these squirt guns….soakers… SUPER SOAKERS!

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