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Shell Fuel Rewards, Save on Gas at Shell Stations Nationwide!

One of the most expensive necessities these days is gasoline for our cars and trucks. Saving on such a high cost commodity should be on everyone’s radar. Since gas often out-paces inflation, you should keep your eye on ways to save at the pump. One way to save on gas is the Shell Fuel Rewards program.

Use any of the links below to sign up (this is a completely free rewards program) and you’ll get $0.25 off per gallon after your first fill up!

Shell Fuel Rewards Network

With the Shell Fuel Rewards Network you can save at the pump by making purchases at the Shell station, rack up Fuel Rewards online at by shopping your favorite retailers, save on gas by dining at your favorite restaurants and more. There has never been a better time to sign up for Shell Fuel Rewards (FREE!) and get your rewards card sent to you right away.

Shell Fuel Rewards NetworkSave with Shell Fuel Rewards

Dine Out

With the Shell Fuel Rewards Network, when you dine out at more than 10k participating restaurants, you will earn $0.10 off per gallon for every $50 spent!

Coupon Savings

Visit the Fuel Rewards Network for valuable coupons the help you save on groceries and household items. Use these coupons and be rewarded with Fuel Rewards!

Grocery Shopping

Link your Shell Fuel Rewards Network card to your grocery store card and you’ll earn even more cash off per gallon of gas!

Shell Fueling Stations

Shop for specially marked items at participating Shell stations and you’ll earn Fuel Rewards every time you make a purchase!

Online Shopping

Shop your favorite participating retailers online. There are almost 700 participating retailers to choose from and you’ll save at least $0.05 for every $50 you spend. Certain retailers and offers may increase those savings by 2, 5 or sometimes 10 times your rewards.

Collecting Shell Fuel Rewards is easy and convenient. Imagine how fast you can ring up Fuel Rewards during your holiday shopping. Whether you’re shopping for holiday groceries or gifts, you’ll be able to rack up incredible savings to give your wallet a rest!

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